Picking Up Your Cake

We recommend delivery on any large, topsy-turvy or 3D cakes. If you or your representative choose to pick up your cake, please keep the following in mind:

Cake pick ups are available during normal business hours, Tues-Fri from 10:00am-6:00pm and Saturday 9:00am-6:00pm.

SPE101Any time you pick up a cake, it is always a good idea to have a large flat area in your vehicle dedicated for transporting the cake. We will be happy to carry your cake out to your car if requested. Putting cakes on people’s laps or on the seat of your car is NEVER recommended. The floor of your car is often the best place for putting a cake. For full sheet or tiered cakes, you should make arrangements to pick up your cake in an SUV or van. If possible, bring a friend to help and also a non-slip mat. Place the cake away from objects that may shift while driving, small children and pets.

Please bear in mind that, depending on the height and shape of your cake, it may not fit in a standard size bakery box. We make our cakes much taller then the industry standard, so it is likely that we’ll tape the lid of the box to its sides, as opposed to closing the box all the way.

Drive slow, keep your car COLD.

Keep your cake in a cool area out of direct sunlight until serving. Room temperature of 73°F or below is recommended. If your cake won’t be served for several hours or until the next day, we recommend that you keep it refrigerated.

Cake, icing and sugar decorations are very fragile. Speeding, going over bumps, slamming on the brakes, a wobbly table, someone bumping the table, leaving the cake in the car or in a warm home in hot weather may damage the cake.

If any of the above occurs after you have picked up the cake, we might be able to repair it, but this service may incur a charge.

We’ve had lots of customers pick up their 3D and tiered cakes without a problem, but please keep in mind that once a cake has been picked up by you or a designated party it is considered “accepted” and we won’t be held responsible for products that have left our facility.